Thunder Music D-J Service

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 We upgraded our entire sound system with today's TOP of the line QSC  powered speakers and a new digital cordless microphone about a year ago, but now we have the  SUBS to go with them! FOUR QSC powered speakers in ALL! They have super crisp sound and power. We are super  impressed and excited to use them at all of our events!

 Thanks for checking us out! This website has all the information you need to get a hold of us for your Disc Jockey needs...for example:

     Your upcoming Wedding, 
     Your bar/club business,
     Your School,

     Your Company Party, 
     Of course...your private party!!


And any other event that needs a professional D-J.

  Family Note: Since Keith and I have two little girls in our family, we have been limiting our dances to Weddings and just a few bar gigs only, in order for us to spend as much quality time with our kids as possible. Thanks for understanding. :) ~DJ Cheri D.