Thunder Music D-J Service

How long do you play?

     Typically for 4 hours according to our contract...any extra time is either discussed prior at the time of booking or at the end of the event if asked and/or allowed by the establishment. 

How much do you charge for extra time after the four hours of entertainment?

     $100 per hour.

Will you do outside parties?

     Gladly!! If weather permitting.

Will you be set up before our wedding reception and how long does it take for you to set up?

     That is discussed about a week before the wedding to ensure accurate timings of the events of a wedding.  We discuss if it will be a problem showing up about 2 hours before the dance begins (which is stated on the 'wedding information sheet').   Usually this does not cause any distractions during the reception because of the way most of the reception halls are built.  If the reception is close to our town, then we will likely be set up in the afternoon before any events start. 
     We usually provide reception music and a microphone for 'toasts' at no extra charge if the reception and dance are in the same location.

How much power/electricity do you need?

     We only need two separate 110 standard outlets.

Do you need a table provided?

     No we do not.  We provide all of our own tables.

Do you dress appropriately for the occasion?

     Yes.  We treat every wedding dance or special event with dignity and respect.  Nice tux vests and nice slacks or skirts(on the lady of course...!).  No jeans.

Do you have karaoke?

     We do not carry karaoke anymore.  We have so many interactive dances and entertainment to do that we simply do not have the time for karaoke.