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Hello Cheri,  
      I just wanted to let you know how much everyone at Josh and Ashley's wedding dance enjoyed the music and you and your husband! I heard nothing but compliments and all the kids seemed to have so much fun. I am not sure where my 3 year old grandson learned his break dance moves but we all had a blast watching him.. Thank you so much!    Valerie (2015)

 We really loved you guys, especially with the children... they loved it!! You guys are unique and NOT like the other DJ'S... a lot of DJ'S don't interact with children and we thank you so much for that kind of fun with the children. You guys were fun!!! ~John (2011)





 You did a fantastic job and we all were so very , very satisfied with your job. You got everyone involved and everyone expressed what a good time they had and, I quote "That was a great DJ you got". The little kids through the adults loved your family oriented style. It was a good clean dance for everyone. Our grandchildren danced their little legs off. They would fall asleep for a minute and wake up and ago out for more. They had a blast! The wedding party echoed that same sentiment "We had a blast".  Keep up the fantastic work.  Thank you, thank you so very much for a wonderful wonderful time.   ~Julie (2011)